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Seed Resources

Congratulations. You’re ready to empower your kids with financial tools such as a Seed Debit Card by Hawaii National Bank. The tough part? Helping them understand how to save and spend responsibly.

Start the Conversation

When is the best time to talk with your kids about money? At the bank, on payday, at the grocery store – it’s up to you. Remember, communication is key. Encourage your kids to ask questions about money, even if they are tough.

How to talk to your Kids About Money

Personal Finance Tips for Young Children

Personal Finance Tips for College Students

Money Smart for Young People

Step-by-Step Financial Responsibility Roadmap, American Bankers Association

Educational Materials

Financial smarts won't happen overnight - the best financial lessons are part of the experiences we have each day. Here are some tools to help you navigate money smarts with your kids.

Kid-Friendly Resources from the Federal Financial Literacy & Education Commission Youth Resources

Hands on Banking for Youth Courses

Budgeting for the Real World Worksheet