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Business Banking

Certificates of Deposit

To earn better bank rates for your business, consider a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or IntraFi Network Deposits CD. Our CDs allow terms as short as one month, while our IntraFi Network Deposits CDs offer the maximum FDIC coverage on large amounts with competitive interest rates and no fees.

Certificate of Deposit

Earning interest in Hawaii has never been easier or more secure.

With flexible terms and competitive rates, we have CDs to help you reach your financial goals.

Minimum Deposit


  • Available to individuals, partnerships, corporations and other organizations with funds to commit for specific terms
  • Interest rates vary according to the deposit amount and term
  • Flexible interest payment options
  • At maturity, certificates are automatically renewable for the same term at the then prevailing rate

IntraFi Network Deposits CD

IntraFi Network Deposits CD (Formerly CDARS) is a deposit placement service where certificates of deposit totaling more than $250,000 receive full FDIC coverage.*
Minimum Deposit


  • Preferred rates with $50,000 on deposit
  • Maximum insurance coverage up to $50 million
  • Competitive interest rates with varying terms offered
  • Managed through a single institution, Hawaii National Bank
  • No fees for this placement service

Learn more about IntraFi Network Deposits CD here.

* Conventional FDIC coverage is up to $250,000, including principal and interest, per account ownership category. IntraFi Network Deposits CD allows FDIC coverage on total deposits up to $50 million.

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Important Information about Legal Entity Accounts

Effective May 11, 2018, all U.S. financial institutions will be subject to new federal rules under the Bank Secrecy Act that is intended to enhance the safety of the country’s financial system and combat financial crimes. This will change the requirements for opening or modifying banking accounts and services for covered legal entities. Please click here for a detailed document that discusses the new requirements and how they may affect you. To view the Beneficial Ownership Certification Form, click here.